A Framework to Help You Make Your Contributions Matter and Understand the Hidden “Implicatures” of Communication

Communication is not always easy. In fact, it’s quite a challenge from time to time, and we may all have experienced conflict, misunderstanding or simply a lack of clarity due to a misinterpreted message. It’s those moments when communication goes wrong or breaks down that make us think about what should have gone right. They are actually great moments to learn from. In this article want to share some personal moments of communication that went wrong. And I want to show that this often has to do with the inference and hidden meaning of language being misinterpreted. …

Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice

„The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.“ — George Bernard Shaw

20 years ago, when I started my studies in the field of communication theory, I was fascinated by the complexity of the field. Yet, it is a field that is not only complex in theory, but sometimes also difficult in a very practical sense — as we all know and keep learning.

My work with leaders in organizations reveals regularly the importance of effective communication in building trust, engagement and good work relationships.

My fascination…

Nutzen Sie Ihre Emotionen konstruktiv oder dominieren diese Ihre Entscheidungen negativ? Wir alle haben Emotionen — auch diejenigen unter uns, die meinen, dass Emotionen nicht in ein professionelles Umfeld gehören. Emotionen begleiten uns in allem was wir tun. Der Unterschied zwischen Erfolg und Misserfolg liegt jedoch häufig in der Frage, ob wir es verstehen, wie Emotionen uns in positiver Weise dienen können. Einerseits können Emotionen Energielieferant sein, andererseits können sie die rationale Steuerung unseres Handelns beeinflussen. In diesem Artikel erhalten Sie Einblick in das Thema der Emotionalen Intelligenz und erfahren, wie diese ihnen im Arbeits- und Führungsalltag nutzen kann.


These are exceptional times. A lot has been said and written in the last couple of weeks on how leadership is shifting during this global pandemic. Many of us not only have to face the deadly human toll and disruption to millions of people’s lives, but deal with the uncertainty of the economic damage.

The workplace is confronted with huge tasks these days — and even bigger ones are waiting:

- Dealing with the uncertainty of roles, businesses and the financial impact of the crisis

- Protecting employees and colleagues from Covid-19 exposure & supporting Mental Health

- Showing care…

How is your team doing? Do you get work done? Do people trust each other? Do you have fun at work? Do people go the extra mile when needed? If so, congratulations! You seem to be part of a functioning team and are most probably fulfilled at work. If not, chances are high that you might be leading a team, or are part of a team that would benefit from creating meaningful relationships amongst team members by communicating more effectively.

Many studies have shown that it’s the relationships that make our work meaningful, foster innovation and overall team performance. Not…

By Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler, 2012

Books are great for gaining new perspectives. Here´s a summary for the busy ones amongst you. Of course an excerpt is always based on a personal choice. But I am hoping to encourage some of you to have a look into this great book that has become such a huge success when it comes to working on interpersonal relationships.

What is it all about?

When stakes are high and emotions take control of our behaviour we tend to lose control of our communication. When it matters most, we do…

Pourquoi travailler dans le domaine de la formation? Vous êtes-vous déjà posé cette question. Former les gens, les aider dans leur développement personnel et professionnel. Aider les cadres, les gestionnaires et les employés à atteindre leurs objectifs. Pour moi, il y a trois raisons qui m’ont amenée à choisir ma profession comme formatrice : la croissance organisationnelle, la croissance des autres, et bien sûr ma propre croissance personnelle. Ce sont les trois raisons pour lesquelles je suis tellement passionnée par mon travail.

La croissance organisationnelle

Un directeur financier demande à son PDG : « Que faire si on investit dans…

Have you already quit your new year resolution? Did you plan to take a step back, reflect on your leadership skills and then work on them? Boost the potential in you to become the leader you always wanted to be? And thus — of course — get the career you so utterly deserve? If you are already frustrated because you realize that, again, you might not achieve your plans, I invite you to change perspectives: The reason for probably not achieving them might be that you focus on the wrong thing: your weaknesses.

In fact many teachers and organizations concentrate…

The Southwest Airlines incident that happened this week after an engine exploded forcing the flight crew to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia Airport is, of course, first and foremost, a tragedy in which a person has sadly lost her life. But the episode also demonstrates how acting professionally with good leadership can turn a critical situation in one, where a female pilot is celebrated as a hero for saving many people’s lives.

The recording in which Captain Tammie Jo Shults explains the situation to air traffic control was spread through social media incredibly fast. Why is it — besides…

Nancy Levesque

Leadership Consultant, Facilitator and Business Coach

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